Ray Bonhomme

I also have a business web site RayzorHedges
Email: Ray@raybonhomme.ca
Cell phone: 613.620.7546
Twitter: @raybonhomme

Email: Ray@rayzorhedges.ca
Cell phone: 613.620.7546
Twitter: @rayzorhedgesca
• I have been married to my wife Cheryl for over 20 years
• I have 4 kids - 3 sons and a daughter
• I am a Christian
• I like playing hockey and cheer for the Ottawa Senators hockey team in good times and bad
• I have my own business RayzorHedges that provides hedge and tree trimming services
This is a summary of my most recent tweets on topics of personal interest. If you want updates on my business please visit the Rayzorhedges web site.

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